Thursday, September 12, 2013

Time to Evaluate the Garden

Summer is fast closing down but the garden is still producing and with some careful planning, it will continue to do so into late November.... and maybe longer.
What to do:
Remove all dead plant matter and add to the compost pile/bin.
Remove any diseased plant matter and put in trash.
Loosen up exposed soil and get it ready for the seeds you can now sow.
Prepare a section for lettuces, another for beets, for chards, for choys, for beans, for peas.
Keep in mind that some herbs, like parsley and cilantro,will be very happy to get started now. And perennial herbs can be divided and shared with friends.
Read the planting instructions on the seed packets.
Follow the directions. 
Keep the tender seedlings watered. Water the soil surface, don't pour from on high.
Cover with a "row cover" if temperatures drop.
Try a few seeds in planters
Move some tender herbs into planters that can eventually be brought inside
Keep having fun.
green bean seedlings planted about 3 weeks ago at school garden

mixed lettuce seeds sprinkled in planter about 10 days ago

snow peas started at edge of compost bin to climb up wire

lettuce gone to seed, time to shake the seeds to re-sow or replace with fresh seed

planter with basil, rosemary, lavender and one renegade nasturtium

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