Sunday, August 26, 2018

How Does My Garden Grow

Late August. What does your garden look like? Some things have faded, some are still producing, some have yet to fulfill their destiny. And- there's still time to have another round of cool season crops. Let's concentrate on those.
After 7 days- lettuce, radishes, arugula, kale
We can plant lettuces again, arugula, kale, chards, radishes, cilantro, parsley... Think early spring, yes, the same crops can go in now. We, in Connecticut, should have at least 8 wks of growing season left. Given the crazy summer, we might even have more time. It seems like we are a month behind all year long. However, be mindful of shorter periods of light. That will affect plant growth. In any case, we can couple garden clean-up with additional sowing to lead us gently out of the season and into our prep for next year. Stay connected to the earth. It keeps on giving.

Chinese red long beans- great fun!

Rainbow Chard

Monday, October 2, 2017

The Garden Doesn't Stop Until We Do!

We continue to enjoy produce from our summer garden: green beans, tomatoes (cherry and slicing), an occasional cucumber. The garlic has been harvested and will soon be planted for next year's crop. Potatoes have been dug and distributed. Strawberries- done but so many runners to share. Need a few strawberry plants?  Zucchini is finished.  Sage is thriving and will be shared at Thanksgiving. Kale is still producing and we'll let it stay over
the winter. Fun to see what peeks out after the snow melts.
Time now to assess what went well, what can be improved, what needs to be repaired. Sanitation is key to a healthy garden- good project for early fall weather while we can still enjoy being outdoors.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Lettuce Challenge 2017- Finale

Today was the day. The winners were announced and heralded at a special ceremony at the Stamford Government Center. The Mayor presented the awards - a blue ribbon to Tyler Johnson for Best in Show. Lots of beaming faces - students and parents and teachers- all pleased by the lovely looking butter crunch lettuce plants. Now the plants can go back into the school vegetable gardens to grow into full heads and eventually be part of a summer salad. Many thanks to the members of The Stamford Garden Club for all of their work in organizing and funding this effort.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Lettuce Challenge 2017






Lettuce Challenge 2017

Once again, through the generosity of The Stamford Garden Club,  the Stamford schools have been invited to participate in the annual Lettuce Challenge. Each year involved students and teachers receive the tiny plugs and necessary materials to start the project. Each class decides on the method of nurturing their plugs. Some are grown under gro-lights indoors,some are boldly placed outside for nature to do her thing. Photos are from one school that believes in letting nature guide the process. On June 1st, Mayor David Martin will award the winners their blue ribbons and all will be able to bring home their entries to be planted in the school vegetable garden or their home garden. The carefully nurtured plants will grow into full heads of butter crunch lettuce to be enjoyed by all. Entries may be viewed at the Government Center lobby from Tuesday, May 30-Thursday, June 1st.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Snow White Oyster Mushrooms

What a thrill to glance at the "mushroom logs" and discover this gigantic oyster mushroom! Thanks to a "mushroom log" workshop conducted by Stephen Conaway of the Greenwich Land Trust on Feb. 27th, 2016, our group is now enjoying oyster mushrooms and shitakes as well. There's no end to the exciting experiences one can have in the garden. 

Time to start thinking about putting the garden "to bed" for the upcoming winter months. But, first, do plant your garlic cloves soon so you can enjoy your harvest next summer.