Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to Winter Sow

Winter sowing is a great activity for children and for any gardeners who are craving to get started on their garden even when the weather says, "Hold on!". Read directions completely before starting.

Gather necessary tools and ingredients:empty plastic gallon 
container, duct tape,  awl, scissors, 
markers, seeds, 1 quart potting soil, water.
Cut through the plastic container but...
...leave the "hinge-handle" attached.

Poke drainage  holes into the base with awl.

Fill base with 1 quart wet potting soil.

Select a few seeds. Read directions on packet.

Space according to directions.

Notice spacing, press seeds gently into prepared, wet soil.
Add a bit more water if necessary.

Place a seed ID label into soil.

Tape cut area securely with duct tape.

Place your mini-greenhouse in the garden. Let nature take over. Moisture will be evident inside the jug. You may peek  inside after a few weeks to see if anything is sprouting. When the temperature inside the "greenhouse" is high enough, the seeds will germinate. If the container seems dry, you may add a little bit  of water from the top.  The seedlings will be ready to transplant into the garden at the appropriate time. They will be "hardy" from the start.  Patience!