Saturday, October 22, 2011

Curriculum Ideas to Share

We just had our October GIVE meeting. Gardening is always about sharing - sharing the harvest, sharing ideas, websites, worries, and wonder.  (Above photo is part of the harvest of one school garden shared with the local Food Pantry - part of their 500 pounds donated this their first summer of gardening.)  So, suffice it to say,  we enjoyed a good summer season. Moving right along, now's the time to plant garlic, to get the beds ready for winter, to set up new beds, and to weave gardening into the curriculum of our schools and into the lives of our children and their families.
To that end, you may enjoy a look at Ridgefield,CT's Garden Activity Guide- in 3 parts:

Another excellent site for those with a climate akin to Chicago:
And for those who need a boost of funds, check out
This should be enough to keep us busy for a while. Enjoy.