Wednesday, August 3, 2011

summer garden scene

Summer in the garden - the beds are bursting, more wood chips have been spread, and we add to the  compost every week. Notice the use of wooden pallets, 7 of them rescued from the trash, secured by giant zip ties and, voila,  compost bins. New beds made of recycled lumber 2" x 8" are just what we needed. It's been a very satisfying season so far. Now if we could figure out who/what is nibbling at some of our chard and lettuce. Yes, rabbits are around and No, we're not fenced. Some evidence of deer browsing, too. But there's plenty to go around. Can't wait for the students to see the garden when they return at the end of August. 'Til then we'll keep up our weekly watering, weeding, and harvesting. This week we picked a green pepper and a few jalapenos, a white eggplant, cherry tomatoes,  uncovered a few potatoes, and a couple of onions, cut lots of Italian parsley, and enjoyed a few thornless blackberries, too.