Monday, December 10, 2012

Winter Decorations for Outdoors

Here's a simple outdoor winter decoration -  a fresh spray of evergreen branches scaled to fit the area (a door, a tree, a mailbox, a street sign post, a gate...)  With proper supervision children can make these. They can be brought home for a spot outside, or sold for fundraising purposes, or given as a gift to a teacher, a bus driver, etc.

  • cut lots of branches from various evergreens- hollies, firs, pines...
  • cluster 5 or 6 or more branches together to make a spray
  • secure with a rubber band temporarily
  • wrap securely with a double strand of thin green wire 
  • twist the wire to create a small loop in order to attach the spray to a nail or picture hook
  • attach a prepared bow or make a bow,  add pine cones or other decoration
  • shake it to be sure everything holds together
  • trim or adjust the top edges of the branches so they are straight across
  • deliver with a smile

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